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A Bold New Spectacle Starring the Atomic  Bomb

In this spectacular multi-media investigation of America in the Atomic Age, unnerving images, vibrant rhythms, disturbing text, and violent slapstick collide to create an erotic pop culture explosion. Focusing on the period of 1941-1969, Nuclear Love Affair traces America’s obsession with violence through the social and political chain reaction caused by dropping of the atomic bomb.  Featuring Elvis Presley dancing through Vietnam, Charlie Chaplin at Hiroshima, and Marilyn Monroe teaching us all how to “Duck and Cover,” Nuclear Love Affair is a daring and twisted take on the journey of the American Dream.

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Playing August 14th – September 3rd at Theater for the New City (155 First Ave)
Be one of the first 100 people to buy your tickets and you could win some awesome prizes including a $25 Yaffa Cafe gift card, 2 large pizzas, a triple layer cake from a friendly neighborhood bakery you love, and more!

Written & Directed by Sanaz Ghajarrahimi & Ben Hobbs
Media Design by Room 404 Media
Costume Design by Michael Krass
Lighting Design by Jenny Beth Snyder
Sound Design by Colleen Toole & Amy Yourd
With Emily Brazee, Sophie Labelle, Vincent Santvoord & Soren Stockman

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Nuclear Love Affair, a bold new spectacle that looks at the journey of the American Dream, created by Built for Collapse (, will have its world premiere at Theater for the New City, (155 First Avenue), opening August 14th and playing through September 3rd, as part of The Dream Up Festival.


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