Built for Collapse is a New York based arts organization dedicated to building multi-disciplinary communal celebrations that apply pressure to traditional theatrical form. Through this process work is created that pushes the limits of what we consider performance and new ways of achieving our artistic vision are discovered. At times an erotic opera, at times a freakish and violent circus, Built for Collapse has been described as a subversive and “creative new approach to theatre.”

Work is developed by investigating a variety of material ranging from visual/performance art, film and existing texts and then merging that with original music, new and old forms of physical spectacle, innovative choreography and media. In this way we seek to develop a new language of performance in order to communicate with the audience on that night in that moment.

2012 LaGuardia Performing Arts Lab Grant
2012 Prague Fringe Festival
2011 Ars Nova ANT Festival
2011 The Tank Space Grant for Development
2011 Hangar Theater Summer Residency
2011 Theater for the New City Dream Up Festival

NUCLEAR LOVE AFFAIR (Prague Fringe Festival, ARS NOVA, Theater for the New City, 45th Street Theater); HUMAN BEHAVIOR LOVE (BjorkBall 2011); HOUSE (Brooklyn Lyceum); ELEPHANT MAN (Wings Theatre); ORPHEUS + THE PLASTIC MASQUERADE (Galapagos Art Space); HAMLET (Galapagos Art Space, Grace Exhibition Space); STORK + OWL (Bleecker Street Theater); THE TRIP (Grace Exhibition Space); ROMEO + JULIET (Access Theater).

Built for Collapse was founded by Sanaz Ghajarrahimi + Ben Hobbs.  Sponsored by Fractured Atlas.


“An extraordinary tale of victory, hypocrisy and ignorance.” – NYTheatre.com“This show may very well be like something you’ve never seen before.” – NYTheatre.com
“…a perfect balance is reached that makes for an amazing theatrical experience.”
– NYTheatre.com
“A daringly experimental, multimedia pastiche about the rise and fall of America in the Atomic Age, easily well worth the price of admission.”– Theasy.com
“…it really is a shame it has such a short run. I can only hope they manage to mount a second run in the near future. It deserves to be seen.” – Theasy.com

“…with the right backing, this type of work can definitely grab that audience begging for something new wave and avant garde.” – HappentolikeNY.com
“…praise director Sanaz Ghajarrahimi for her innovative works and creative new approach to theatre…” – HappentolikeNY.com
“…a subversive, broken down take on the Greek Myth.” – HappentolikeNY.com

“…a spectacle not to be missed.” – NYTheatre.com
“…dangerously precise and has the audience gripping their seats.” – NYTheatre.com


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