Directed by Sanaz Ghajarrahimi
Scenic Design by Ben Hobbs
Sound Design by Ellie Famutimi
Costume Design by Dakota Rose and Judy Olson
Light Design by Andrew Neisler
Featuring Stephen Arnoczy, Jaclyn Backhaus, Lyra Brennan, Malorie Bryant, Ruthie Bornstein, Matt Gliva, Marty Glyer, Chloe Kernigan, Katherine Quarrier, Rob Ribar, Ali Walton, Reed Whitney, and Alyssa Yackley.


4 thoughts on “JET OF BLOOD

  1. is there a way to see this whole production? I think this looks very strong and am intrigued to see what else happened, especially the ending

  2. i second the first comment. i would love to see the whole production. btw, i have liked your page on facebook and i wanted to ask you a couple of questions about lighting. please do let me know when you will be able to help me out.

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