A feverish new rock spectacle featuring Minq Vaadka’s latest album The Plastic Masquerade as a live score set to a violent re-imagining of Orpheus & Eurydice. Innovative choreography, mind-blowing acrobatics, bold design, and a rocked out cast. A concert of mythical proportions.

 Orpheus woos Eurydice to no avail, eventually succeeding. Eurydice, the star of the nightclub, snubs Orpheus, the rock star of the town. He must prove his worth and match her strength before she will give in. We see the company’s ability to transition through various narrative spaces.

 Orpheus mourns Eurydice’s death. Seeking solace in the footprints she leaves behind, he begins his slow descent into Hell hoping to save Eurydice’s soul; He wades through water towards the mouth of the underworld. In this operatic style rock spectacle the band plays narrator to the physical storytelling.

Check out the Audience Response (Thanks to Orange Hats):

Rehearsal Trailer:  

Early Rehearsal Footage:  



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